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2 April 2020

Missing DCA cinema? Join in with our regular Film Club where we'll be recommending great films to watch at home, then meet in our Facebook group, or your preferred social media to share your thoughts using #DCAFilmClub!

From our Head of Cinema, Alice Black:

"Like many of you, I am working from home now that DCA is closed. I am fortunate that I am able to do so, in comfortable surroundings, with working internet, incredibly supportive colleagues and workplace, and two cats for company. Like many of you too though, I am worried about my friends and family and all those who are valiantly delivering frontline services. Sometimes I feel frustrated that the only contribution I seem to making is staying put, washing my hands, worrying about the state of the cinema industry and of course, watching movies (on my own).

"We are going to do our very best to try and keep your interest in all things cinema..."

My role at DCA might be more challenging at the moment with no cinema to put any films in, but we are going to do our very best to try and keep your interest in all things cinema, art and culture related until we can open our doors and welcome you once again. What an amazing day that is going to be! Behind the scenes all the teams have been coming up with creative content which we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks (and possibly months). It’s a brave new world folks, stay strong, stay healthy, stay sane and keep going to the movies (albeit at your desk or in your living room).

"We will be recommending a film to watch on Fridays, followed by an online discussion/chat the following Tuesday."

This week we are launching a virtual version of an old fashioned film club where we will be recommending a film to watch on Fridays, followed by an online chat the following Tuesday. Join in if you like or watch from the sidelines - everyone is welcome (although there may be age guidelines from time to time so parents, please keep an eye out for those). We’ll be sharing all kinds of content, shorts, features, docs, animation - an eclectic mix, just like the DCA Cinema programme.

My main contribution will be a strand I’ve called What is This? (named after the classic Mel Brooks film from 1963) where we will be talking about our favourite filmmakers by looking at their short films. Short films are often a calling card for filmmakers in the early stages of their career but sometimes they are a chance for them to be more experimental or to engage with new ways of making films. You might see things you recognise as trademarks of their later work or you might want to challenge the idea of the auteur all together. Bring it on! We hope they will inspire you to go off and watch something else ... maybe online or maybe at a cinema near you (when it reopens of course)."

Alice's first film pick will be revealed tomorrow (Fri 3 April) and will be available to watch free online - you can watch the film at your leisure, then join in with the chat on Tuesday on your preferred social media using #DCAFilmClub or in our new DCA Film Club Facebook group. You can of course share your thoughts and impressions with us at any time, along with your own must-watch movie tips - we'd love to hear from you!

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