Wild Wallpaper


29 June 2020

For this week's Monday Makes, we're taking inspiration from Johanna Basford’s 2013 Wonderlands exhibition at DCA to create our own nature inspired wallpaper design.

Wonderlands, Johanna Basford, DCA, 2013, photo by Ruth Clark

Wonderlands saw our galleries filled with the distinctive style of artist and illustrator Johanna Basford. It included an immersive forest of paper trees, a cluster of cuckoo clocks, an illustrated sailboat and a family of tattooed mannequins. For this make, we're focusing on Basford's wallpaper designs in the exhibition. The motifs used to make up these designs included birds, flowers, plants, snakes, insects and spider webs. Here's a closer look:

Close-up of wallpaper by Johanna Basford, photo by Ruth Clark

This week, join us in creating some Wild Wallpaper inspired by nature. Download our step-by-step guide here, give it a go at home and then share the results with us using #DCAmakes.

Here are some examples of motifs created by pupils at Burnside Primary:

Other ideas for creating your Wild Wallpaper

  • Johanna Basford's work is black and white but you could choose to add colour to your designs.
  • Research designers that are inspired by nature like Timorous Beasties and William Morris. Use their work as inpiration for more designs and see how different your wallpaper looks.
  • Look in books and online to find pictures of plant life, insects and animals from different parts of the world. Use drawings of these to create a motif or design. 


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