Digital resources

DCA has a range of digital resources which are available for use in the Print Studio.

Thanks to a successful application to Creative Scotland, we have invested £75,000 in new technology to be embedded with our traditional print equipment. The new technology includes: a digital laser-cutter for accurate cutting and engraving of paper, wood, acrylics and stone; a digital router/engraver for metal, plastic and wood matrices; a digital knife-cutter/pouncer to render imagery in opaque film (Rubylith) and/or vinyl, and a large format digital printer for creating halftone positives and for high quality inkjet (giclee) printing.

Already furnished with world-class facilities for screen-print, etching, relief and lithography, our strategy is to integrate high-specification computer-aided design technology in a way that enhances rather than replaces these ‘analogue’ processes. With the help of this new equipment we are able to offer a unique environment where artists can select from or combine digital, photographic and autographic print-media in one studio, using the most contemporary technology available as well as the most antique.

Staff in the Print Studio are knowledgeable on the integration of digital technology with more traditional print methods and we also run a number of workshops which are aimed at introducing people to possibilities presented by these resources. More information on courses currently available can be found on the Courses and Workshops part of this website.