Screen exposure

Print Studio Users Digital Files / Screen Printing Guide

Print Studio users who wish to expose a new screen will now have to arrange this in advance by contacting DCA Print Studio by email or by telephone 01382 432475.

It is not possible to drop in to the studio and make your own screen at this moment in time.

A new service will be provided for the exposure and preparation of screens. This will be done by the print studio team prior to your booked printing session.

When contacting the studio to arrange this service please allow sufficient time for the team to make your screen prior to your session. We suggest one week in advance to ensure the team have the time to handle and expose separation files and any handmade stencils which will need to be dropped (by arrangement) at the studio.

This service will be charged as a session fee of £3.00, plus screen hire fee, emulsion and digital printout fees.

Emailing digital files for separations

To ensure that we can print out your separations and make your screen correctly there are a few actions that you will have to follow. When you are creating your images you must ensure they are: 

  • All sized correctly. We can printout A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) and A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) on tracing paper. Separations which need to be larger will have to be printed onto ‘dryfilm’. Staff will advise sizes for digital files for larger images.To size an image in Photoshop, Click – ‘Image’ / Click – Image Size’.
    Check and size your image accordingly by typing in the ‘width’ and ‘height’ boxes. Check the sizing is in ‘centimetres’. Note: Do not send files that are more than 150 dpi resolution for images under A3 size. Check the number in the ‘‘resolution’ box is ‘150’ and that ‘Pixels/Centimetres’ is selected.
    Staff will advise resolution sizes for separations to be printed large scale.

  • All images are ‘gray scaled’ to remove all colour. Do not send colour files. Check that you are not sending a black and white image when it is still formatted as a colour file.
    To gray scale an image in Photoshop, Click – ‘Image’ / Click - ‘Mode’ / Click – ‘Gray scale’
  • Save each individual image as a Jpeg. Label and number each layer in accordance with the sequence you will screen print them. Example – ‘Layer 1’ then ‘Layer 2’ and so on. This will help staff to expose them in the correct order on your screen.

If you have hand drawn or hand cut stencils you want to expose onto a screen you can arrange a time for these to be dropped off at the studio. It is also possible to hand in a USB with digital files (following the same guidance for emailing files) by arrangement in advance with staff by email or phone call on 01382 432475.