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20th Birthday Shorts for Middle Ones

Discovery Family Film Club

Over the years Discovery Film Festival has served up an enormous amount of fun with our very popular shorts programmes, and so for our 20th birthday celebrations we thought we should have a meander through our archives and pull out a few of our favourite films from previous collections. Only it proved very difficult in the end, as there were SO many we wanted to bring back to the big screen. Did we choose your favourite? Come along and find out!

With content suited to those aged 8 and older, we have another glorious collection of weird and wonderful characters, stories and surprises in store.

 We go intergalactic, to school, to the park and also down to the local supermarket. There are pigeons, pineapples, postmen and photography lessons. We learn the value of both fine art and friendship, the importance of words on a page and how useful an umbrella can be when dealing with unwelcome visitors. And we are reminded that Tom Daley is not the only talent to grace the high diving board…

Oscar-nominated. Rib-tickling. Computer-generated. Heart-wrenching. Colour-coded. Hand-drawn. Eye-popping. But which one will be the one that stands out for you?