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All My Friends Hate Me

Andrew Gaynord

Andrew Gaynord’s (The Characters) superb feature debut is a dark comedy about the horrors of that most modern, yet timeless of maladies – social anxiety and paranoia.

" he being punished? Is he being paranoid? Or is this all part of some sick joke?"

It’s Pete’s (Tom Stourton) birthday, and the old gang from college are reuniting for a weekend party at a country manor. At first cautiously excited and optimistic, Pete’s head begins to spin as one by one his friends slowly turn against him, and he is soon riddled with fear. He can’t work it out: is he being punished? Is he being paranoid? Or is this all part of some sick joke?

Treading the fine line between black comedy and disturbing psychological drama, Gaynord brilliantly builds Pete’s suspicion and his attempts to connect with his friends into moments of high tension, hilarious discomfort and profound cringe, but also unexpected poignancy. A witty, uproarious calling card for its writers and director, All My Friends Hate Me‘s release is also impeccably well-timed for an audience well-versed in the horrors of social anxiety (the British), as they tentatively emerge from the chrysalis of a lengthy pandemic.

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