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Amber and Me

Ian Davies

Amber has Down’s Syndrome and is about to start primary school with her twin sister, Olivia. Although at first her experience is positive, she starts to struggle and asks to stay at home. Olivia tries to help her sister with her school work, in the knowledge that if the situation doesn’t improve, Amber may have to go to a different school.

The film follows the challenges for both girls through four years of primary school and charts the changes in their relationship, uniquely from their own perspectives.

Amber and Me is directed by Amber and Olivia’s father, Ian Davies. Ian has worked on several documentaries before as a producer. This is his first film as a director. The release of Amber and Me is timed to coincide with World Down Syndrome Day (Sat 21 March): for more information please visit

We're delighted to be showing a recorded Q&A with director Ian Davies following the film.