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Andy Warhol Class (April)

One day course

Course date: Sat 4 April 

An intensive one-day course that will cover all you need to know to start screen printing, using the simple screen print stencil process that Warhol used to make his famous portraits of ‘Marilyn’, ‘Elvis’, ‘Liz’ and ‘Jackie’. Bring a photo of a family member or favourite pop-idol to work from.

What will be covered?

This class is an intensive, one-day course which will take you through the basics of screen printing and photo-screen printing. You will learn to mix colours and apply them through a screen using painted stencils and paper stencils, to build up layers of different colours.  You will then see how your photographic image is transferred to the screen, and then be shown how to use a screen printing table to print your photograph as a ‘key’ image over the layers of colour which pulls them all together.

What should I bring?

Bring along a selection of photographs that you might like to use – a tutor will help you select one (due to time constraints) that will be most suitable. The tutor will be looking for an image that will not lose too much in the process of photocopying and transfer to screen, which requires a fairly straightforward portrait with good contrast. If in doubt pop in to the studio before the date of the class or look at Andy Warhol works.

What should I wear?

Old clothes as the acrylic inks we use may not wash out of clothes. Please note no sandals or open-toed footwear in the Print Studio. We'll provide aprons and vinyl gloves.

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