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Apocalypse Now: Final Cut

Francis Ford Coppola

The troubled production of Francis Ford Coppola’s psychedelic Vietnam war epic has already calcified into the stuff of industry myth: leading man Martin Sheen was nearly felled by a heart attack, second lead Marlon Brando showed up to set too overweight to believably portray a Green Beret, a monsoon seemingly sent by God destroyed thousands of dollars in equipment. Making it in the jungles of the Philippines was perhaps a borderline insane project, but it is a testament to Coppola's skills as a filmmaker, as an artist, that he managed to pull it off, and take home the Palme d'Or the year it screened at Cannes.

"A massive feat of film craft..." 

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the original release, Coppola has been offered a chance to rewrite his own history. He’s gone back in to edit the film once before, assembling the 202-minute Redux version in 2001 using scenes excised from the theatrical cut. The just-right Final Cut splits the difference between the creative concessions of the original and the unwieldy sprawl of Redux, a massive feat of film craft reined in to the general neighbourhood of perfection.

Plus! This screening of Apocalypse Now: Final Cut includes a special recorded interview with Francis Ford Coppola.