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Art Science Orchard

Join Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee Science Centre, and Bonnie Dundee to plant an Art-Science Orchard on the piazza between DCA and DSC.

The Art-Science Orchard – the first of its kind in Scotland – is part of the Dundee Urban Orchard network, a city-wide art project that aims to raise awareness of food sustainability and related social and environmental issues.

The event is free and open to all. Refreshments will be served at DSC following the planting.


The Art-Science Orchard is part of Dundee Urban Orchard, a city-wide network of 24 orchards and orchard groups – including schools, community centres and cultural organisations – all of which recognise the importance of sharing resources and raising awareness of issues relating to food sustainability.

The Art-Science Orchard was designed as a collaborative platform to be used by DCA and Dundee Science Centre for various cultural and educational events – thus highlighting the complementary and contrasting ways in which art and science can inform our understanding of food sustainability and ecology more broadly.

The design for the Art-Science Orchard grew out of a series of public workshops at DCA, DSC and Dundee Flower and Food Festival in 2013. The artists, Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins, worked closely with other interested parties including architects, Dundee City Council, Bonnie Dundee, and Fifex, a Tayport-based company, to realise the design.

The requirements for the design included a mobile modular structure (to be moved with a pallet lifter), sufficient cubic capacity for 7 fruit trees and complementary planting, reference to the Fibonacci series – a design element embedded within the existing piazza and a common point of reference for both art and science – wind-sheltered seating, and a small stage area for speakers, poets and musicians. The artists also wanted to retain a DIY aesthetic to emphasise the grass-roots nature of their cultural activity.

The Art-Science Orchard and complementary planting will be maintained by Bonnie Dundee in collaboration with DCA and DSC. Information about the fruit trees and complementary planting – including edible plants – can be found on site (subject to planting).

Further information about DUO (Dundee Urban Orchard) can be found here.