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Artist's Choice Screening: Clash of the Titans

"This cinema programme is designed to complement and extend on the shonky qualities of the exhibition within moving image; the works I have chosen often employ stop-frame animation, odd stylistic clashes and amateurish performances that charge the films with real charm and magic." John Walter

The eschewing of modern optical effects techniques in favour of the classic stop-motion animation work of special effects legend Ray Harryhausen was a delightful highlight of this action adventure that attempted to give Greek mythology the Star Wars treatment. Harry Hamlin stars as Perseus, a mortal who, due to the interference of the mighty god Zeus (Laurence Olivier), finds himself in the city of Joppa, far away from his island home. There, he falls in love with Andromeda (Judi Bowker), an imprisoned princess. To free her, win her hand, and thus half of the kingdom, Perseus solves a riddle, but Joppa's enraged ruler orders Andromeda fed to the Kraken, a towering sea monster that's the last of the powerful Titans. In his quest to save Andromeda, Perseus must endure a series of trials with the help of the winged horse Pegasus and a friendly playwright, Ammon (Burgess Meredith). His ultimate goal is to secure the head of the grotesque Gorgon named Medusa and use it to turn the Kraken into stone, but dangers await, including the terrifying Calibos.

Dir: Desmond Davis

UK / USA 1981 / 1h31m / 12A