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Artist's Choice screening: Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki

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Where possible, we invite artists exhibiting in DCA Galleries to select a film to screen in our Cinema. To coincide with their exhibition ▷▥◉▻,  Rae-Yen Song has selected Spirited Away.

Having just celebrated its 20th anniversary, this modern classic remains one of the jewels in the legendary Studio Ghibli’s glittering crown. A deceptively simple Alice in Wonderland adventure, young Chihiro is among the studio’s most memorable and relatable protagonists and director Hayao Miyazaki packs every gorgeously animated frame with invention, wit and a yearning sense of nostalgia, aided by Joe Hisaishi’s achingly wistful score. A beautiful work of art and essential viewing for audiences both young and old. 

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