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Blow Up

Michelangelo Antonioni

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We are delighted that our collaboration with V&A Dundee resumes to bring you a cinematic celebration of the most iconic fashion designer of the 1960s, Mary Quant. A design and retail pioneer, she popularised super-high hemlines and other irreverent looks that were critical to the development of the 'Swinging Sixties' scene. We hope this eclectic mix of films will inspire you to dive into a period of British history which pushed boundaries – and hemlines – in the most exciting way.

In the swinging Sixties, London was the place to be and directors as diverse as Stanley Donen, Francois Truffaut and Roman Polanski were drawn there to make films. But no film captured the zeitgeist quite like Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow Up

“…one of the most philosophically rich works ever to be funded by a major Hollywood studio”

This extraordinary film features David Hemmings as a trendy London fashion photographer who thinks he may have inadvertently photographed a murder. But the more he investigates, and the closer he looks at his photographs of the event, the less sure he becomes. Hemmings’ character may be no different from the privileged but alienated protagonists of earlier Antonioni masterpieces like L’Avventura or L’Ecclise, but the London setting, the teasing thriller plot, and Antonioni’s visionary use of colour (he painted the grass in London’s Marion Park to make it his required shade of green!) give Blow Up newfound energy.

The film’s style has been parodied countless times, not least in the Austin Powers films, but Blow Up is so much more than a time capsule of the 1960s. Indeed, in trying to disprove the fallacy that ‘the camera never lies’, Antonioni produced one of the most philosophically rich works ever to be funded by a major Hollywood studio. 

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