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Andy Serkis

Actor Andy Serkis, best known for his incredible performance as Gollum from Lord of the Rings, hangs up his motion-capture suit for his directorial debut Breathe. Based on the real lives of Robin and Diana Cavendish, this is the inspiring story of an intrepid couple who refused to give up their dreams despite devastating illness.

"The inspiring story of an intrepid couple..."

As they begin their married life together, things can’t get much sweeter for Robin (Andrew Garfield) and Diana (The Crown’s Claire Foy). But on their honeymoon, they are given two life altering pieces of news: Diana is pregnant with their first child, and Robin, just 28 years old, has been diagnosed with rapid-onset polio. Advised he will soon be paralysed from the neck down, reliant on a respirator and in a hospital ward for the rest of his life, Robin feels his life is over. But in truth, it is just beginning. The couple begin an extraordinary mission to ensure Robin can continue to live at home, travel abroad and experience as much of the world as any able-bodied person. Robin’s determination spurred on the development of respirator wheelchairs and hydraulic lifts and changed the lives of disabled people everywhere.

Garfield, an actor who always brings a real vulnerability to his performances, is perfectly cast as the warm and witty Robin, while Foy is radiantly natural as the rock who anchors this family’s journey. And Serkis, who clearly knows a thing or two about tapping into both the physical and emotional side of storytelling, has chosen the perfect project with which to launch his filmmaking career.