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Bring a Baby: Lightyear

Angus MacLane

Buzz Lightyear. You know the name, now see a new side of everyone’s favourite space ranger. Rather than another adventure with Woody and the rest of the gang, Lightyear is an imagining of the film that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy. Remember when Woody discovers he is merchandise from a show called “Woody’s Round-Up" in Toy Story 2? Well, this is the film that Andy’s Buzz Lightyear toy was inspired by. Captain America himself, Chris Evans, takes over the role of Buzz, and does a wonderful job bringing soul to a beloved icon, while paying his respects to previous voice actor Tim Allen. 

"...spectacular space flights and action-packed alien battles."

Buzz and his friends at Star Command find themselves stuck on an alien planet when their huge space-ship crash lands there. Feeling guilty, Buzz sets about trying to find a way home for the hundreds of Star Command personnel who were on board. As well as his intrepid colleagues, we meet Buzz’s scene-stealing, adorable robot cat Sox (voiced by Peter Sohn, an animator at Pixar who has voiced characters in films like Monsters University and Ratatouille), while lurking in the shadows is the evil Emperor Zurg (James Brolin).

Lightyear is perhaps the most thrilling Pixar film yet, with spectacular space flights and action-packed alien battles. In classic Pixar fashion, the film balances that irresistible, zippy sense of humour with real soul, including several moments that may cause more than a few misty eyes. And it is, of course, beautifully animated. To infinity... 

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