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Bring a Baby: Passengers

Morten Tyldum

Having directed the critically acclaimed Jo Nesbø crime thriller Headhunters and Oscar-winning wartime drama The Imitation Game, Morten Tyldum turns his talent for exploring the lives of outsiders to the realms of science fiction for his new film Passengers. Starring box office heavyweights Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, this romantic adventure continues the recent surge of creative and engaging science fiction dramas that cinema audiences have been treated to throughout the past year.

"a tremendous character driven spectacle..."

The Starship Avalon, an interstellar transporter carrying 5,000 colonists to a brave new world, is a quarter of the way through its 120-year voyage when a system malfunction causes two passenger hibernation pods to wake their sleeping inhabitants. Stranded and beyond help, journalist Aurora (Lawrence) and mechanical engineer Jim (Pratt) must work together and find a solution to avoid spending the next 90 years drifting through deep space.

It may include some spectacular sets, astonishing CGI and thrilling action sequences, but Passengers, like all great genre films, owes its success to its focus on the human condition. Both Jim and Aurora have their own reasons for wanting to start new lives on the other side of the galaxy, and this is why audiences will relate to and root for them; we have all wanted a new start at some point in our lives, and we have all been the outsider. With lead performances laden with charisma and chemistry, Passengers is a tremendous character driven spectacle with which to start the year.