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Ciné Sunday: For A Happy Life
(Pour vivre heureux)


Amel and Mashir, two young people from Brussels, love each other – in secret. Neither their parents nor their friends are aware of their relationship and even less of their plan to spend the summer together in London. When Mashir’s family decides to marry him to his cousin Noor, who is also Amel’s friend, their whole world collapses.

"How can they save their love without hurting everyone around them?" 

The Shakespearean tone of this family drama is recognisable when we learn that Amel comes from an Algerian background and Mashir’s extended family are originally from Pakistan. The weight of their strong cultural traditions and family expectations complicate the situation enormously when they each defy their parent’s authority in an effort to be together. To whom do they owe the strongest loyalty? Their family? Or their feelings? Can love, religion, freedom and cultural heritage all be accommodated?