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Ciné Sunday: Frozen II

Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

What better way could there be to spend the winter holidays than visiting old friends in the snowy wonderlands of Arendelle? Six years on from the original avalanche of Disney magic that was Frozen, we have the chance to catch up with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven and find out what’s new with the ice-slinging princess and her Scandi friends.

"This time Elsa’s abilities could be the solution..."

The original film introduced us to Elsa and her magical powers which were threatening to turn the kingdom into an icy wasteland. Now the kingdom is once again threatened by mysterious, mystical powers but this time Elsa’s abilities could be the solution rather than the problem. Following a strange siren-like voice, Elsa and the gang travel through the Enchanted Forest and to the River Ahtohallan to learn some harsh truths about her royal family’s history. She also meets the Northuldra people, an indigenous tribe who have been trapped inside the forest by a supernatural fog – can Queen Elsa’s magic restore life as it should be?

Needless to say with Broadway powerhouses Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff in the voice cast there are some terrific musical moments, including a quick nod to the Let It Go anthem from the first film. Fantastic animation is what we might expect from the Disney animation team, and here we get not only more of their breathtaking work with ice and snow but also fire, fog and the Northern Lights. It has been a long wait to find out what became of the royal sisters Anna and Elsa but this thrilling continuation of girl-power righting wrongs amidst glorious Northern backdrops more than rewards our patience.