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Cinema Paradiso

Giuseppe Tornatore

We love hearing our audience requests for films to see on the big screen, and this sweetly nostalgic treat is always one of the most sought-after. Initially a bit of a flop in its native Italy, 1988’s Cinema Paradiso was an immediate international hit, charming audiences and critics alike worldwide and winning a slew of awards, including the Best Foreign Language Oscar and a special jury prize at Cannes.

“…a soulful evocation of memory, community, time and place”

Salvatore is a successful film director living in Rome when he receives news from his childhood home in Sicily that an old acquaintance called Alfredo has died. Flashing back to Salvatore’s childhood in a dusty post-war Sicilian village, we meet him as a mischievous, chatty eight-year-old, who spends all his free time bothering Alfredo, the wise, if irritable, middle-aged projectionist of the Cinema Paradiso. We follow Salvatore (under his childhood nickname of ‘Toto’) through the years, as his relationship with Alfredo softens, and they become firm friends.

As well as a tender coming-of-age tale, Cinema Paradiso is a soulful evocation of memory, community, time and place, with gorgeous sunkissed locations and an enchanting score by legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone,who sadly passed away in July of this year. It is also, crucially, an enduring love letter to the cinema goers, the cinema houses and those rarest of breeds, the projectionists of the world, and by the time we reach the dazzling, poignant finale, don’t be surprised if there’s not a single dry eye left in the house.

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