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Citizen K

Alex Gibney

Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) delivers one of his strongest explorations of global politics in considering the strange case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Once believed to be the wealthiest man in Russia, Khodorkovsky rocketed to prosperity and prominence in the 1990s, served a decade in prison, and became an unlikely leader of the anti-Putin movement.

"A compelling portrait of post-Soviet Russia..."

In tracking Khodorkovsky's story, Gibney creates a compelling portrait of post-Soviet Russia, a nation caught between radically divergent political models – and where fortunes can transform overnight. Narrated by Gibney and brimming with insightful interviews with various Russian journalists, business people, and legal experts, Citizen K plays like a political thriller, revealing parallels between the ways Khodorkovksy and Putin navigated modern Russia's Wild West atmosphere for personal gain. Khodorkovsky now lives in exile in England, where, in a stunning reversal, this former oligarch has become an advocate for democracy and human rights in Russia.