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Dundead - UK Premiere

This Dundead screening will be followed by an exclusive, pre-recorded Q&A with director Mickey Reece.

This surreal, gauzy, giallo-inflected film from prolific cult director Mickey Reece feels like a long-lost curio from the gaudier end of the 1970s, discovered perfectly-preserved in some sort of tulle and corduroy crypt, bursting with strange melodrama and dripping with style. 

“…bursting with strange melodrama and dripping with style”

The plot is simple; two middle-aged sisters, Alma and Elizabeth (Ginger Gilmartin, Mary Buss) snipe at each other while vying for the affection of the charming, enigmatic Wesley (Ben Hall); a figure from their past who only goes out at night and is allergic to garlic… Over the course of several dinner parties, where tables heave with dishes that look straight out of gross retro cookbooks (Jello salad, anyone?), other characters enter and exit, but Reece keeps the focus firmly on this dysfunctional central trio. Ostensibly a chamber piece, the three leads, played with just the right amount of camp and bedecked in beautifully-tailored outfits, bicker, chat and regale each other with tall tales, all while Reece cultivates an atmosphere of trippy, spiralling paranoia.

Surpassing simple pastiche, the attention to detail in bringing this oddball world to life is intoxicating, from the playful use of light and shadow to the immaculate production design. Peppered with psychedelic dream sequences, this is a film that pulses with an underground sensibility, where ordinary boundaries are transgressed, and where style reigns supreme. 

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