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Color Out of Space

Richard Stanley

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Richard Stanley returns to fiction features after 25 years with this adaptation of the H.P Lovecraft story. And as if the pairing of one of the most eccentric directors in the film industry with one of history’s most celebrated horror authors wasn’t enough, Color Out of Space boasts a central performance from the singular talent that is Nicolas Cage.

"A treasure trove for horror fans."

Cage plays Nathan Gardner, father to three children; witchy Lavinia (Madeleine Arthur) bickers with her stoner brother Benny (Brendan Meyer), both of them helping to look after the young, sensitive Jack (Julian Hilliard) while their successful professional mother (Joely Richardson) Skypes international clients from the attic. The family has recently relocated from the city to Nathan’s dead father’s house in the country, a move that the whole family is taking time to adjust to. The crash arrival of a meteorite in the Gardner’s’ front lawn marks the first in a cavalcade of strange happenings as the family (and the film) spirals into a hallucinatory, grisly nightmare.

Produced by Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision, producer of last year’s Mandy, this is a treasure trove for horror fans. Cage plays it mostly straight (until he doesn’t) and Stanley’s humorous touch and general oddness (there are supporting turns by Tommy Chong as well as some talented alpacas) enliven the psychedelic dread and the gruesome shocks, cementing this as a must-see for those attracted to horror of the late-night variety.