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Henry Selick

Cinema fans have been sharing their ideas for films they’d like to see back on the big screen for our 20th anniversary, and this time we’ve got one of your kookiest, creepiest picks for October... Even better, as Coraline is showing in our Discovery Family Film Club slot, you can enjoy DFFC prices!

Coraline, the first film by Laika Studios, (the studio responsible for the likes of ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Strings and this year’s Missing Link) turns 10 years old this year, and we’re delighted to bring this charming, beautifully-animated family gem back to our screens just in time for Halloween.

"Late one night, she discovers a small door hidden away in her apartment..."

Coraline Jones is a young girl who moves with her parents to the kooky, dilapidated Pink Palace Apartments building. Here, she meets her unusual neighbours, including a Russian mouse trainer, a mildly irritating boy called Wybie and a curious mangy black cat. Late one night, she discovers a small door hidden away in her apartment, a door that leads to an exotically colourful world which is a mirror of her own. While in the real world, her parents are too tired and too busy typing on their computers to properly spend time with her, here in this new world, her Other Mother and Other Father are cheery, caring and cook mouth-watering meals. There’s just one (deliciously creepy) detail that doesn’t seem quite right – everyone in this Other world has buttons sewn over their eyes, much like the little rag doll that Wybie left on the doorstep as a gift for Coraline...

From the opening credits where we see a mysterious, spindly metal hand sewing up odd-looking little dolls, it’s clear that this is perfect Halloween viewing. Really, is it any surprise that a film written and directed by stop-motion maestro Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and based on a book by acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman turned out to be so spectacularly spooky?