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Discovery Opening Gala: A Minuscule Adventure
(Minuscule – Les mandibules du bout du monde)

Discovery Film Festival

Back in Discovery Film Festival 2016, one of the big hits with our audiences was a then unknown film called Minuscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants, an epic saga featuring an ant, a ladybird, a spider and a large tin of sugar cubes. It was ninety minutes of animated excitement, all presented without a single line of dialogue. It went on to be released in more than 50 countries worldwide, seen by nearly 5 million people and was awarded the César for Best Animated Film. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to say that now, three years later, the ant, the ladybird and the spider are back in Discovery with a brand new adventure – though this time they’re all on the other side of the world…

"The ant, the ladybird and the spider are back in Discovery with a brand new adventure..."

As the first snow of the winter begins to fall, the minuscule gang press on with the vital work of gathering food reserves for the long, dark months ahead. After some early successes, an encounter with another large tin of sugar cubes ends with our ladybird friend trapped in a large cardboard box and being shipped to ... Guadeloupe! What to do? Nothing for it but to get the mini-bugs team back together and set out on a dangerous rescue mission all the way to the Caribbean! New world, new encounters, new dangers…

With its fantastic characterisation, spectacular music score, glorious sound effects and ingenious blend of animation and live action, this latest language-free bug-filled adventure will once again have a broad appeal across the ages. And, fear not, there’s no requirement to have seen the earlier film as this is a stand-alone story (but it may well make you go out and find the first film, conveniently now available on DVD!).