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Dogman + Q&A

Matteo Garrone

To celebrate European Art Cinema Day we are delighted to bring you this special sneak preview screening with a director Q&A live from the BFI London Film Festival, with thanks to Curzon.

With his latest film, Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah) introduces us to the wonderful Marcello Fonte, an endearing character actor whose talent has gone undiscovered for years. Drawing on a true-crime story that fascinated Italy in the 1980s, Garrone ventures once again into the grimy and brutal reality of the Italian underworld. This time the action unfolds not in the urban jungle of Naples, but along a seedy beachside wasteland of tumbledown houses in nearby Castel Volturno.

“…a David and Goliath tale of an ordinary man pushed to extraordinary limits.”

Marcello (Fonte) is a devoted single father who scrapes out a living amidst a small strip of storefronts by grooming dogs and selling drugs on the side in order to give his teenage daughter the best life he can. His best customer, Simoncino (Edoardo Pesce), is also his worst – a thug who deploys brutal violence when confronted by any situation that doesn’t go his way. While most of the locals shun the resident bully, mild mannered Marcello, wanting to think the best of everyone, continues to tolerate him. But when Simoncino ropes Marcello into his shady affairs, our gentle hero is forced to reconsider their ‘friendship’ which takes an unexpected (and very bloody) turn.

When Fonte walked across the stage to collect his Best Actor prize at Cannes, the affection and respect for him was palpable and his gratitude at being recognised even more so. Dogman is the perfect vehicle for his talents, a David and Goliath tale of an ordinary man pushed to extraordinary limits.