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Chico Pereira

Manolo, a sprightly 78-year-old Spaniard, sets off for the United States on foot with his donkey Gorrión, to commemorate the forced march imposed on Native Americans known as the Trail of Tears. Whether he succeeds or not is never really the subject here, as we follow Manolo’s adventures in Andalusia in preparation for his long-awaited pilgrimage to America.

Given the far from perfect physical health of the protagonist and the stubbornness of his travelling companion, even his travels between Seville and Algeciras feel like a real challenge. While Manolo finally manages to get the reluctant animal to cross a bridge, he fails to achieve the same success on the phone with the customer service team of a company he hopes will sponsor his efforts. In the end, it comes as no surprise that Manolo prefers the company of animals to human society.