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(Komal Gandhar)

Ritwik Ghatak

In Komal Gandhar, the second film in the Partition trilogy, Ghatak critically examines the role of the artist in a rapidly changing Indian society. Bhrigu, a character modelled on Ghatak himself, is the leader of a radical theatre group and a refugee from East Pakistan, who uses his art to maintain a connection to his culture. Anasua, a member of a rival troupe, joins Bhrigu despite the disapproval of her peers, and finds she and Bhrigu have a lot more in common than first thought.

Komal Gandhar is part of our Ritwik Ghatak retrospective. One of the most original auteurs of Indian cinema, Ghatak used his films to explore the social and political realities of India after Partition. Organised in collaboration with National Film Archive of India and Ritwik Ghatak Memorial Trust, and curated by Dr Sanghita Sen from the University of St Andrews, this is the first retrospective of Ghatak’s films in the United Kingdom, offering a rare chance to see six of his works.

We are very sorry for the untimely death of Samhita Ghatak, Ritwik Ghatak's daughter, in March this year. She was very generous in her support for this event and we extend our condolences to her family.