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Simon Hunter

An audience favourite at last year’s Edinburgh Film Festival, we’ve been waiting impatiently to bring Edie to our screens. This story of an elderly woman stubbornly determined to climb a mountain is one of the most uplifting films of the year.

" of the most uplifting films of the year."

At 84 years old, Edie (the wonderful Sheila Hancock) has spent most of her life looking after others; her children and latterly her husband following a long illness. When he passes away, she is forced for the first time to think about what she wants and the options aren’t very appealing. When her daughter suggests a care home, Edie decides on a whim to head to Scotland, fueled by memories of a hillwalking trip her father promised her as a little girl. Armed only with an old rucksack, a map and steely determination, it soon becomes clear to local equipment shop owner and guide Johnny (Kevin Guthrie) that she is woefully unprepared for her proposed journey. Concerned, he offers his services to help her get ready, and although she proves to be a problematic student at the best of times, the two soon forge a tentative friendship which will end up changing both of their lives forever. A wee gem.