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Ernest et Celestine

Discovery Family Film Club

Based on a well-loved Belgian children’s book series, Ernest et Célestine is a simple story of an unlikely friendship between a large bear and a tiny mouse and is one of those rare gems – a film which genuinely speaks to children and adults. With gorgeous watercolour-inspired drawings and a story which is both funny and exciting, Ernest et Célestine also teaches a lovely message about overcoming prejudice and celebrating difference.

"A story which is both funny and exciting..."

Little Célestine lives in a mouse orphanage where at night the Sisters tell cautionary bedtime stories about the nasty big bears who live above them. But Célestine, who has a very active imagination and likes to draw, isn’t easily scared. When she finds herself face-to-face with Ernest, a grumpy, greedy, lonely bear, they become firm friends rather than enemies.

Presented in conjunction with 1+2 PanTayside as part of Languages Week, this film will be screened in French with English subtitles.