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Eternal Beauty

Craig Roberts

Actor-turned-director Craig Roberts (best known for his roles as the idiosyncratic teenager in Submarine) makes his sophomore film Eternal Beauty, an unusual and welcome look at schizophrenia that neither demonises those with the condition nor patronises them as suffering martyrs. In a part written especially for her, Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) shines as a fragile but also irrepressibly resilient woman who hears voices and has paranoid episodes, her symptoms sometimes aggravated by her mostly self-centred family.

“Sally Hawkins shines as a fragile but also irrepressibly resilient woman…”

Jilted as a young woman on her wedding day, the outsider in a fragmented family and beset with anxieties both real and imaginary, June has a life of constant struggle. Pills offer a possible solution, and her relationship with eccentric musician Mike (David Thewlis) might be another. But does the medication and even love exacerbate June’s delusional state of mind?

Never staying away from the challenges of living with mental illness, Eternal Beauty also blends humour and a touch of whimsy. This is a true high-wire act, depicting the unstable perceptions of a fragile persona with delirious colour and design across ever-shifting time frames. Hawkins’ fearless performance again confirms her as one of Britain’s best, and an ace supporting cast – Alice Lowe, Billie Piper, Penelope Wilton – prove equally committed to Roberts’ singular, humane vision.

Please note: This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

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