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Even Mice Belong in Heaven

Discovery Family Film

Even Mice Belong in Heaven is an animated film principally aimed at children but its themes, which work on different levels of understanding, will have far wider audience reach. Building on long-established Czech expertise in stop-motion techniques, and with nearly 80 original sets and an impressive gallery of 100 characters, this is a dream-like tale full of animals, rich in humour and poetry, where real life topics such as death, overcoming one’s fears and prejudices, and friendship are explored.

“a dream-like tale full of animals, rich in humour and poetry”

Following an unfortunate accident, a feisty little mouse and a shy young fox cub unwittingly find themselves in animal heaven. In this strange environment, they will have to put aside their natural instincts and work together to succeed on their journey through this new world. The little mouse and the young fox share many adventures and unexpected surprises and ultimately become the best of friends, learning along the way to overcome their prejudices, to listen and understand how to live alongside others.

Based on the children’s book by Iva Procházková, the film blends the visual delights of Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox with some of the big questions tackled in recent films from Disney and Pixar such as Inside Out and Soul. Technically, the film combines stop-motion animation for puppets operated in front of traditional sets, digital 3D animation for certain animals and insects that fly or swim along with special effects combining photogrammetry, matte-painting and digital video-mapping. The production team filmed over 100 puppets in more than 80 settings over a period of 14 months, and their dedication is reflected in every moment of this beautifully realised film.