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Even When I Fall

Kate McLarnon, Sky Neal

This moving, impactful documentary tells of the child-trafficking epidemic which plagues Nepal and India. Directors Kate McLarnon and Sky Neal have given voice to those often ignored or looked down upon by society, tackling a difficult subject with clarity and elegance.

Filmed over six years, Even When I Fall follows Sheetal and Saraswoti, two young women who have escaped life in the Indian circuses that they were sold into after being taken from their homes in Nepal. The women, along with 11 other trafficking survivors, defiantly decide to use those skills learned in the circus in order to educate people about the realities of child-trafficking. They form Circus Kathmandu, Nepal’s first circus, a venture which challenges some deep-seated prejudices among their audiences.

The film is unflinchingly intimate, as Sheetal and Saraswoti discuss their complex feelings around their former lives in the circus and their families at home. Though at times heart-breaking, the film never preaches or wallows in misery, taking great care to explore these inspiring women’s remarkable resilience and humility, while allowing them to speak earnestly and frankly.