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Expedition: Gethen


Traversing the literary landscape of The Left Hand of Darkness with Nicole Brandon, Ari Brin, Caryn Liz Fauerbach and Joshua Thompson.

It's been fifty years since the publication of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and this book remains a catalytic text, triggering reinterpretations of our own planet and countless imagined ones that have influenced millions of readers across the world. Join us for a lively expedition across the literary landscape altered by this novel, guided by postgraduate English & Sci-Fi Literature students from the University of Dundee.

This open roundtable conversation will focus on the incredible capacity within Le Guin’s writing to incite empathy, argument, excitement, new thinking and old heartache.

Each speaker will share brief insights into their own research on the novel before opening up to a wider conversation, inviting the audience to add their own thoughts, theories and questions relating to this remarkable work of fiction. Expect conversations about the history of science fiction, feminism, colonialism, queer studies, sociolinguistics, and transhumanism in a welcoming and informal environment.

Organised in partnership with the University of Dundee’s MLitt in Science Fiction programme. Find out more details about this course here.