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Fahrenheit 11/9

Michael Moore

Unfortunately, due to its late addition to the release calendar, it wasn’t possible for us to get Michael Moore’s new documentary into our programme any earlier. But we still wanted to offer you an opportunity to see it, so we’re marking the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s stunning election win with a day of screenings plus some extra chances to catch this powerful film.

Back in July 2016, Michael Moore was treated like a crackpot doomsayer for writing the essay 5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win. His prediction was the opposite of what most pollsters and pundits were saying, but it came true in the wee hours of 9 November 2016 when the electoral college votes were tallied. Using his trademark wit and dogged determination, Moore examines the legacy of 11/9 and raises questions about what lies ahead.

Moore is a gifted analyst and he argues his position with clarity, humour and tremendous persuasion. Moore doesn’t shy away from criticism of the Democratic Party or the media either; he also argues about the impact of the Obama administration on the current situation, accusing it of a myriad of wrongful policy decisions and apathy towards political disenchantment in the US. He pays close attention to recent cases that have shaken American culture to the core: the Flint water crisis; the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting; the West Virginia teachers’ strike. And to those affected, he gives a voice. These cases are employed to highlight the rot at the heart of the establishment, but they also champion the rise of widespread civic engagement and most importantly, take the film from outrage to hope.