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Free Solo

From award-winning documentary filmmaker E. Chai Vasarhelyi and world-renowned photographer and mountaineer Jimmy Chin comes Free Solo. This stunning, intimate and unflinching portrait of climber Alex Honnold follows him as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing the face of the world’s most famous rock – the 3,200-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park – without a rope. It’s a task that sets Honnold the ultimate physical standard: perfection or death.

“...exquisite artistry and masterful, vertigo-inducing camerawork.”

Free Solo is an edge-of-your seat thriller and an inspiring portrait of an athlete who challenges both his body and his beliefs on a quest to triumph over the impossible, revealing the personal toll of excellence. As the climber begins his training, the armour of invincibility he’s built up over decades unexpectedly breaks apart when Honnold begins to fall in love, threatening his focus and opening him up to injury and setbacks.

Vasarhelyi and Chin succeed in beautifully capturing deeply human moments with Honnold as well as the death-defying climb with exquisite artistry and masterful, vertigo-inducing camerawork. The result is an unforgettable cinema experience that brings you closer to the experience and atmosphere of the extraordinary climb than you could possibly imagine.