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Freedom Fields

Naziha Arebi

Join us at our 18:00 screening on Sat 8 June when we'll be welcoming producer Flore Cosquer to DCA for a special Q&A after the film.

Naziha Arebi's debut documentary offers an intimate look at post-revolution Libya through the eyes of an aspiring all-female football team, whose struggle to gain mainstream acceptance mirrors the broader challenges facing women in contemporary Libyan society. 

 "Arebi captures the beauty both of street life and of the women's games..."

"We've lived many beginnings" says Fadwa, the film's young protagonist. Fadwa is remarking on the state of post-revolution Libya in the aftermath of the violent overthrow of Col. Muammar Gadhafi and the reformative protests of the Arab Spring. However, as we are soon to find out, her comment also speaks to another dream close to her heart: to play soccer for her country on the international stage. The challenges are extraordinary. The women on the team struggle to gain resources, respect, and even the right to play, as certain segments of society don't support their efforts. This film follows the players over the course of four years, filming from 2012 to 2016, documenting their training, issues off the pitches, and how, in many way, their hopes and difficulties speak to the broader position of women in their contemporary Libyan society. 

Bringing a keen eye to the documentary, Arebi captures the beauty both of street life and of the women's games with stunning cinematography. Whether or not you're a football fan, Freedom Fields will draw you into a world where (as the women chant before they play) "determination, will, strength" are words to live by.