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Luminate Festival

In this visually spectacular love story, set in the Arctic, an isolated couple must deal with a changing way of life while yearning for their estranged daughter.

“Nanook and Sedna take pleasure in telling each other stories of legend…”

In the snowy Northern wilderness, one of the coldest places on Earth, couple Nanook and Sedna live isolated from the rest of humanity. Each day for them is a difficult one, as their traditional way of life erodes, and the environment becomes more and more unpredictable with the ice melting earlier each year. Around them animals die inexplicable deaths, and reindeer, once plentiful, are barely seen. Despite these tough circumstances, Nanook and Sedna take pleasure in telling each other stories of legend, in sharing their dream encounters, and in recalling the exploits of their ancestors. Their only connection to the outside world is Chena, who visits them regularly, and updates them on their estranged daughter, Ága, who left to work in a diamond mine. Sedna longs to see her daughter again, despite Nanook’s stubborn refusal. Eventually, a long journey ensues in the hope of a reunion.

Lazarov and his superb cinematographer Kaloyan Bozhilov take full advantage of the dramatic snowy landscape in this captivating tale of a disappearing way of life, generational conflict and an enduring love.

Luminate is Scotland’s creative ageing festival, with a range of events scheduled at arts venues all over the country throughout May. Learn more online at