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Ghost Stories

Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman

Writing/directing team Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman bring their deliciously spooky and dark Olivier-nominated supernatural stage play to the big screen with Ghost Stories. A horror film which relies on creepy menace combined with quirky humour, this is destined to become a beloved British cult classic.

"...this is destined to become a beloved British cult classic."

Professor Philip Goodman (Nyman) is a lecturer, TV celebrity and paranormal debunker – an atheist and rationalist, he’s spent his life challenging anyone who believes in the paranormal. When he visits his childhood hero Charles Cameron (Leonard Byrne), he is astonished to learn that he has turned from a supernatural sceptic into an absolute believer. To prove his point, Charles tasks Goodman with reinvestigating the three hitherto unexplained cases that changed his mind: night watchman Tony (Paul Whitehouse) experienced a horrible vision; schoolboy Simon (Alex Lawther) had a fright driving home; retired City trader Mike (Martin Freeman) encountered a poltergeist: the spirit of his unborn child. Philip seeks all of them out and begins to sense that they may have some terrible, collective significance for him personally.

Nyman (a magician who has previously devised productions for Derren Brown) and Dyson (a co-creator of The League of Gentlemen) bring a unique touch to the horror genre. Relying on visual atmosphere and superb sound design (with a nice nod to Evil Dead), Ghost Stories is everything you’d want from a collection of creepy tales.