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Girl + Director Q&A

Scottish Encounters

Please note that writer/director Adura Onashile is unexpectedly unable to appear at our planned live Q&A – instead, there will be a chance to watch a pre-recorded Q&A after the film. 

Mother and daughter Grace and Ama have established a deep bond that’s protected them from outsiders, but as they try to settle in Glasgow, things begin to change.

"...beautifully naturalistic performances"

Ama’s approaching adolescence and growing curiosity set off reminders of a past that Grace has been trying to erase. The comforting fairytale-like story that Grace has been telling Ama for years is shaken by the memories — their sheltered world begins to erode from the inside. To give them both a chance to really start living, Grace has to let Ama grow up.

Déborah Lukumuena and Le'Shantey Bonsu turn in beautifully naturalistic performances as the mother and daughter at the centre of this story and their performances are the heart and soul of the film.