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Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn

Guardians of the Galaxy is screening in both 2D and 3D. Here you will find the 2D screenings. For 3D click here.

Guardians is a new Space Opera that beats Star Wars VII out of the trap with a knowing wink to other science fiction franchises. Peter Quill is taken from Earth as a young boy and finds himself the only human in the far flung reaches of the galaxy. He hasn’t quite gained the infamy he feels he deserves; whilst Quill is not a superhero he certainly has gadgets and gizmos a plenty, as well as knockabout charm that helps him evade the bad guys. His path crosses a band of renegades; this might be the opportunity for Quill to earn his self-appointed name, Starlord.

When Marvel announced Guardians of the Galaxy the film looked set to be a risk-taking departure from their superhero formula. The Usual Suspects riff of the first trailer reveals a film with a gleeful sense of humour. Marvel shows it has its finger on the pulse of blockbuster cinema by serving up another exciting slice of big budget spectacle. With a lineup of exceptional characters the filmmakers have brought together a great ensemble cast.

Chris Pratt who voiced Emmet in The LEGO Movie takes the role of Quill. He’s an ideal choice. Look out for Scottish actress Karen Gillan as a villainous Cyborg. Discover the mighty double act of Rocket Raccoon, a machine gun toting animal, and half man half tree Groot. You’ll understand why we have “more than a feeling” that this could be the wild and fun sci-fi adventure you’ve been waiting for.