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Heather Phillipson: sub-fusc love-feast

Schools Exhibition

Make the most of your visit to Discovery by exploring our new exhibition by artist and poet, Heather Phillipson. You can book a free visit to the exhibition – including a guided tour and activities – in addition to your cinema visit. Just contact DCA Box Office on 01382 909 900.

To coincide with Discovery Film Festival, the DCA galleries are given over to an immersive, moving-image exhibition by Heather Phillipson. Heather (born 1978) is a visual artist and published poet based in London. Her videos are often presented as installations with sculptural elements adding to the visitor’s experience.

Heather has made a brand new work for DCA and even captured some of the footage at Dundee’s Botanic Garden and in our surrounding countryside. The artwork is shown in three parts, through the spaces of the gallery. Expect to see abundant symbols of nature and fertility with pop-up sculptures and multiple projections creating a magical 3D landscape to walk through. When visiting Discovery one of our guides will escort you and your class through the gallery and encourage creative responses to what is on show.

Phillipson is a highly respected poet and trained musician so language and sound are significant aspects of her videos. She has been showing her work at major national and international venues and it is our pleasure to exhibit the work at DCA. Now the fifth year that there has been an exhibition as part of Discovery, this is without doubt the most colourful and expressive of these exhibitions.