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In the Evening There is Feeling: Reading Donna Haraway


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Led by DCA’s Head of Exhibitions, Eoin Dara, In the Evening There is Feeling is DCA’s reading group. It takes its name from Gertrude Stein’s 1914 book Tender Buttons and focuses, in an informal and welcoming way, on feminist and queer texts from the worlds of art and literature.  

Connecting to Chikako Yamashiro’s practice which so often explores interconnected landscapes of human, animal and spiritual beings, this session will introduce and discuss an excerpt from Donna Haraway’s 2016 book Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene.

In the midst of spiraling ecological devastation, multispecies feminist theorist Donna Haraway offers provocative new ways to reconfigure our relations to the earth and all its inhabitants. In this book, instead of referring to our current epoch as the Anthropocene, she sets out a new concept in what she calls the Chthulucene, as it more aptly and fully describes our epoch as one in which the human and nonhuman are inextricably linked together. This book teaches us to ‘stay with the trouble’ of living and dying together on a damaged earth, and provides rich new thinking to help us imagine how we might build more liveable futures together.

To join the conversation, book your place before 17:00 on Wed 22 September. We will send you digital excerpts of the text and details of the Zoom meeting upon booking.

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