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Infinite Jest

Candles, choc-chip cookies and scrunched up pieces of paper are among the materials employed by the three artists in our summer exhibition, Infinite Jest. Cinthia Marcelle, Rob Pruitt and William Mackrell are each fascinated by circular narration, infinite loops and möbius strips. This exhibition is an intricate braid of their work, the title of which has been taken from the complex and gargantuan novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

Cinthia Marcelle (b. 1974, Belo Horizonte, Brazil) uses video, collage, painting and photography to document the effects of her interventions, which introduce coincidences and connections to everyday situations. Her work was recently exhibited to considerable acclaim at both Tate Modern and the New Museum in New York, and she received the Future Generation Art Prize in 2010.

Rob Pruitt (b.1964, Washington DC) is one of the USA’s best known contemporary artists. Infinite Jest features several of his most playful works: Esprit de Corps (left, second image), Pop-Pop’s Chocolate-Chip Cookies and one of his signature mineral water fountains. Esprit de Corps is constructed from blue jeans filled with concrete and joined together to create sculptural representations of mathematical concepts.

William Mackrell (b. 1983, London) is a young artist equally fascinated by the sublime and the absurd. With 1000 Candles he exhibits a full circle of tea light candles: showing them unlit, as potential; lit, as performative object; and as a remnant.

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