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Jeune Femme

Léonor Serraille

Laetitia Dosch explodes onto the screen as Paula – a chaotic, impulsive 30-something Parisienne – in director Léonor Serraille’s livewire character study and sensational feature debut.

"...a film full of fresh cinematic flourishes..."

We meet Paula pounding on a door – first with her fist and then with her forehead – demanding to be let in. Back in Paris after a long absence and finding the key to her photographer boyfriend’s apartment no longer works, Paula goes on an erratic voyage around the city; broken-hearted, self-destructive and with only her ex’s cat (an almost obscenely cute and fluffy creature, with a nice line in deadpan stares) to rely on. By her nature unable to do anything but live in the moment, we watch as Paula tries her best to reclaim a measure of stability, making new allies and assessing the reappearance of figures from her past. This young woman is a walking train wreck who manages to lurch from station to station as we look on. There’s literally never a dull moment.

Described by some critics as a French version of Frances Ha, Jeune Femme is very much walking its own quirky path. Writer/director Serraille, who won the Camera d’Or at Cannes for her debut feature, has a unique voice, infusing her central character with humour and crafting a film full of fresh cinematic flourishes with a deep understanding of modern life’s everyday misfortunes.