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La Belle Époque

Nicolas Bedos

Actor and screenwriter Nicolas Bedos’ second feature (following 2017’s Mr & Mme Adelman) focuses on a unique service where wealthy clients can pay a high-end reenactment troupe to stage a carefully orchestrated and totally convincing visit to a previous time of their choosing – a premise similar to that of Westworld, with actors in place of robots.

"...a clever, funny French romance that is bound to delight."

Want to spend an evening as Marie Antoinette? Or pretend that you’re drinking buddies with Ernest Hemingway? In La Belle Époque, Bedos invents a way for that to happen, with the ulterior motive that it might offer real-world audiences a uniquely satisfying emotional experience if we were to follow the right kind of character. Daniel Auteuil, in his element, plays crochety cartoonist Victor, who chooses relive his most significant moment — the day he met his wife Marianne (Fanny Ardant) in a rowdy Lyon café.

With a script that’s as ambitiously imagined as a Charlie Kaufman movie, and featuring a soundtrack of hits from the likes of Dionne Warwick and The Monkees, La Belle Époque is a clever, funny French romance that is bound to delight.