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La Dolce Vita

Frederico Fellini

Few films define an era like La Dolce Vita. Released in 1960, Federico Fellini’s masterpiece heralded the beginning of a new, far more permissive decade. The film throws the viewer into a world of glamorous parties and decadent excess. At the centre of it all is Marcello, a tabloid gossip columnist, who is living ‘the sweet life’ of the title but is struggling to find any meaning or human connection.

"Few films define an era like La Dolce Vita..."

Once condemned by the Catholic Church and banned in several countries, it might seem a little tame now. But it is impossible to overstate its influence, and it would take Hollywood nearly a decade to catch up with the frankness on display here. Moreover, there are scenes – the statue of Christ carried over Rome by helicopter, Anita Egbert wading in the Trevi Fountain, a final encounter on a beach – that are among the most memorable the cinema has to offer.