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Lavinia Greenlaw: Night Swallowed My Hand in Front of My Face


Join us for readings and a conversation with poet and novelist Lavinia Greenlaw where she’ll be discussing her wider practice as well as some of the ideas at play within her new text commissioned in response to David Austen’s work.

Lavinia Greenlaw’s most recent books are the novel In the City of Love’s Sleep and her sixth poetry collection, The Built Moment.  She was the first artist-in-residence at London's Science Museum, and is interested in the shared imperatives of artists and scientists. She has received NESTA and Wellcome fellowships, and her immersive soundwork, Audio Obscura, won the 2011 Ted Hughes Award.  In 2016, she wrote and directed a short film, The Sea is an Edge and an Ending, a study of the impact of dementia on our sense of time and place. She is Professor of Creative Writing at Royal Holloway. Her other work includes Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland and The Importance of Music to Girls. She has written for, among others, London Review of Books, New Yorker and Frieze.