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Leave No Traces
(Żeby Nie Było Śladów)

Jan P Matuszyński

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After the brutal killing of a Polish student by security police in 1983, the State’s supposedly ‘independent’ legal system finds itself under intense political pressure.

"a penetrating insight into the realities of life in Polish society"

While the killing itself appears to be a case of unmotivated sadism, the case is soon deemed political when reported on the BBC World Service. This leads to a concerted effort by the authorities to distort legal procedure and falsify the evidence through blackmail and physical intimidation.

Jan P Matuszyński’s second feature provides a penetrating insight into the realities of life in Polish society following the imposition of martial law. Its compelling narrative and strong performances document a critical period in Poland’s history, while making a crucial statement on the necessity for an independent rule of law – a principle that can no longer be taken for granted in supposedly democratic countries.

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