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Letterpress Introduction

One day course

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Course Date: Sat 20 July (one-day course).

Led by John Easson of Quarto Press, this is an opportunity to learn the basics of letterpress printing using authentic period presses with type, wood-letter and illustration blocks.

What will be covered?
We'll cover hand-setting type and locking into a frame (chase) for printing; printing using a small table-top press. Identifying problems in printing, and suitable remedies. Equipment, including types of presses and their suitability, materials, and sources. Illustrations and ways of producing them for letterpress. We may also cover other aspects depending on the interests of attendees. We'll also look at sources of further information.

What should I bring?
We'll provide all materials. Bring linocuts or simlilar relief images to try if you wish, but many factors (especially size) may preclude using them, so we can't guarantee the opportunity.

What should I wear?
Wear old clothes as acrylic inks may not wash out of clothes. Please note no sandals or open-toed footwear in the Print Studio. We provide aprons and vinyl gloves.

What should I expect?
10:00 - Introductions, Health & Safety, Outline of aims. Traditional craft and artists' printmaking.
10:30 - Principles of letterpress, main equipment and materials used.
10:45 - Setting type. (Demonstration and practical experience).
13:00 - Preparing to print; locking up the type, adjusting and inking the press as well as cleaning up.
13:30 - Lunch
14:30 - Identifying faults in prints and correcting them.
15:00 - Illustrations: types and implications for making prints.
15:30 - Designs, layouts, typography. Different kinds of presses and their uses.
16:00 - Free session for experimenting.
17:45 - There will be a short session at the end of the day for feedback and discussion.

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