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Hirokazu Kore-eda

Maborosi, Kore-eda’s hauntingly beautiful debut, was released in cinemas in 1995 to great acclaim, but has since been nearly impossible to see until this gorgeous new restoration.

"Utterly mesmerising..." 

The story is simple: a young, happily married woman loses her husband when he is hit by a train, but she is unsure if it was an accident or suicide. Even when she tries to start a new life, she remains tormented by memories and feelings of guilt. A study of grief that eschews every technique cinema usually uses to make us feel, like close-ups or sentimental music, it instead finds an austere and rigorous language of its own. The result is utterly mesmerising and, ironically, extremely moving.

An extraordinarily confident debut by any standards, few filmmakers would ever improve on a film like Maborosi; it is a testament to Kore-eda’s brilliance that he was only getting started.